Your head is down, and you have continued to chop wood never stopping, no breaks; you have worked so hard to grow your business, own your building and all the goodies in it. We live to protect business owners like you because we are you. Join the Core team so we can chop wood together.

  • Specializing to support the main street professional owner ‐ accountants, lawyers, doctors and technology companies. We have no-frills insurance plans for your building insurance and property insurance.
  • Low risk professions = Low Premiums $$
  • Automatic peak season coverage limit increases: no extra charge

We have 3 locations and the growth is rapid-fire. Matt has given guidance on insurance and overall business planning, Core is an invaluable resource. Don’t know what we would do without them.

John BooneJohn Boone
Owner, Peak Performance Center

go home take the day off

Just kidding, we wish we could run your office for you while you relax on the beach. At least our policies never take a day off.