On-your-mark, get-set, Go! In first place we have Core Insurance racing past the competition to keep real estate investment budgets on time and under cost. Margins are slim, an uncovered insurance event or premiums that are too high can leave you eating dust.

  • Rental income fully protected
  • It's your tenants' home; fast claim turnaround is a must.
  • Coverage during unit vacancies
  • Property coverage deductibles as low as $500

We came to Core with an insurance policy that excluded hurricane Coverage for our rental property. Core was able to find a policy that included hurricane coverage for a very small increase. They are prompt, ethical, and well-positioned to service the rental property investor.

Jacques CloutierJacques Cloutier
Residential Property Manager, Administration Amiral Inc.

the rent is too damn high!

We are on the job to make sure apartment building insurance is Damn Low.